Based on the scene in the 1971 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie, where Violet turns violet; the Inventing Room brings an entertainment value to our customers' food experiences by creating impossible treats right in front of their eyes. Using ingredients like Liquid Nitrogen & techniques like compression, we create dishes that dazzle your imagination & tastebuds.
 Branded "Food & Drink Entertainment", Chef Ian Kleinman & his staff produce events that are unforgettably unique. 

The Inventing Room provides full catering for your entire event- food entertainment stations with unique appetizers, dinner, desserts, & fun liquid nitrogen cocktails customized for your special event. We can also work side by side with other catering companies and hotels to produce just entertainment stations. We specialize in weddings, private events, corporate events and Mitvahs. Our coordinator can also help with rentals, deliveries and timelines for your event. We want you to relax, let us take care of the details.