Miracle Fruit: What can we do with it?

Miracle FruitI have never seen a natural ingredient that can alter the way you taste.

Early on Chef Ian played with Miracle Fruit purely for entertainment. The reactions he got from clients, guests and students was just that exciting and fun. But, after experimenting with the miracle fruit for the past 4.5 years the full potential has us really excited. The following are just a few of the applications where we see the Miracle frurits potential.

  • Weight loss
  • Kids that don’t eat their vegetables
  • Improved nutrition for children and adults
  • Helping with diabetes
  • Easing the “tin” flavor that some chemotherapy patients have

If you haven’t experienced the Miracle Berry the following is a description of what our guests experience during our Miracle Berry tastings:

Take the frozen berry, place it on your tongue and suck on the berry until the skin comes of. Continue to suck on the berry to remove as much of the white pulp as you can. Basically your trying to remove everything and leave just the seed.  All of this should take a minute or two. In that minute the Miracle Berry is attaching itself to your taste receptors and will adjust the way your perceive sour flavors.

Once the skin and pulp of the berry have been removed, tasting things such as lemons, limes, & vinegar become an entirely new experience. The effects of the Miracle Berry last between 15-30 minutes.

Miracle Fruit Berry and Seed

This, as we mentioned previously is the entertainment factor. There are plenty of applications within this realm, such as mixed drinks and cocktails, or interesting desserts with strange foods. But, applying the effects of this amazing berry to things other than entertainment is what we are really excited about.

The Miracle Fruit affects sour and bitter foods, but what about foods like broccoli and cauliflower? Not much luck there. But just like putting cheese on top of foods to get kids to eat their vegetables, Chef Ian developed a carrot dip that was barely palatable on its own. With the miracle fruit however, it tasted like candy. Not surprisingly when elementary school kids were introduced to the some vegetable with the carrot dip, the couldn’t get enough.

This is a pretty simple application of the interesting effects of the Miracle Berry, but something that illustrates its usefulness beyond the cool-ness factor at parties and food events.

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