Pop-up Molecular Donut and coffee shop July 9-14 at( Table 6) 6am-11am

The Doughnut menu:

Nitrogen Apple pie
Green apple, Pie crumbs, Candy pecans, Vanilla ice cream

Maple pastry cream, Bacon-nutella powder, Spicy house cured bacon

Lemon curd, Blueberry butter cream, Grilled yuzu # cake

The cream, Burnt peanut butter marshmallow, Grape caviar

Almond Joy
Coconut mousse, Chocolate cubes, Shattered almonds

Creme brulee
The cream, Raspberries, Raspberry sugar, Candy micro basil

Make me shake
Hot fudge, Pop rocks, Caramelized white chocolate, Exploding cream

Hi tech
Sous-vide cherries, Fried cheesecake, Mint paper

The cream, banana foster, frozen caramel powder