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Balthaup kitchen

A typical Inventing Room event starts out with guest gathering around our bartenders mixing libations including the world’s coldest beer, port wine space foam, and tequila & lime slushies with jalapeno bubbles. These textures are made with liquid nitrogen, a seemingly impossible liquid. At -320 degrees, we use it to make impossible textures right in front of your guest.


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lump crab on rice paper with compressed apples and coconut caviar

Next our chefs will assemble and cook passed appetizersĀ or small plates at our entertainment stations. Our presentations are whimsical and fun and each menu item is created with your favorite foods. Our goal is to make you comfortable with the flavors so you will be open to try new textures. We encourage our guest to ask questions about what they are eating and drinking


Ian’s floating chocolate truffles

Miracle Fruit

Miracle fruit

End your experience with a one of a kind dessert bar or miracle fruit tasting. Our goal is to give you great food and service but also add an entertainment value that your guest will always remember. Ian and his staff can create one station or combine any of these to make an event your guest will never forget

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