Passed Appetizers & Small Plates

Passed Appetizers


  • Pho pipette with scallion and rice noodles
  • Lamb meat balls wrapped in angel hair and rosemary
  • Slow roasted beef bruschetta with green chili, roasted tomato and fried onions
  • Risotto and sous-vide brisket stuffed mushrooms
  • Mini twice baked potato with fried pork belly and scallion jam


  • Spicy chicken taco with marinated cabbage and soy caviar
  • Smoked chicken bruschetta with peas, candy garlic and pesto
  • Poached chicken and mushroom skewer with dijon bubbles
  • Chicken liver cones with port wine reduction
  • Chicken wrapped in phyllo with sesame hummus and red onion
  • Wiener schnitzel bites with green apple sauce and caramelized onions


  • Marinated mozzarella sheets with charred tomatoes and fried basil
  • Fried baby artichokes with rosemary salt and date bubbles
  • Dry cherry and goat cheese wontons
  • Compressed strawberry, goat cheese and arugula bruschetta
  • Curry and coconut caramel corn
  • Butter leaf lettuce with roasted apple and mint cous cous salad


  • Smoked salmon bruschetta with goat cheese and tarragon
  • Shrimp spoons with olive tapenade and roasted garlic foam
  • Ian’s crab cakes with sriracha caviar and salt water bubbles
  • Pickled cucumber with smoked salmon and caper paper
  • Corn and clam chowder shooters with bacon powder

Small plates

  • Compressed tomato with 148 degree egg, crispy prosciutto and toasted parmesan
  • Greek style quiche with dressed greens, pomegranate and feta
  • Marinated tomatoes and strawberries with tandoori mozzarella sheet, whipped burnt balsamic, candied micro-basil
  • Compressed shaved vegetables with avocado gnocchi, yuzu cubes, puffed rice
  • Lump crab creme brûlée with soy sugar, ginger poached pears, habanero tobiko
  • Artichoke and carrot puree, roasted peas, candy shallot crouton, warm parm foam
  • Sous-vide spiced beef shoulder with a baked potato stuffed mushroom,candy shallot, smoked pudding
  • Ian’s fried chicken with ranch potatoes, corn pudding, coconut gravy
  • 148 degree Benedict with a grilled avocado, foie hollandaise, Augratin
  • Lobster crepe with black truffle caviar, mornay, salt water bubbles
  • Berbere fried pork belly with Israeli cous cous carbonara, poached egg, smoked spinach
Past apps start at $3 per and $20 for small plates
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